Monday, October 19, 2015

Pedagoies for the Depressed

Pedagogies for the Depressed,
Bingers & Purgers,
Restless Legs,
Attention Deficient,
Compulsive & Obsessive Joggers
& Exercisers,
Anxious & Panic Stricken,
Poor Listeners,
Lousy Test Takers,
Dyslexic,  Dismorphic
Somewhat Autistic,
Oppositional Defiant Disordered:

Call for Papers.  

Religeo: “to be bound back,”
part to whole. Dear Whattafriend
I Have in Jesus, Hermes,.Mercury,
Trickster. Crow, Demi-Urge, GPS,
Muse, Idios Daemon & other
representative manners of speaking.

My mind-set is impermeable,
impenetrable, sealed &  salved
safe from invasion. Salvationed
is what it is.

Neither logic nor sermons nor facts,
data, stats, polls, recent-studies-show
will change my mind-set.

Mind maybe: sure--will of the whispers.

But mind-set is made up: Rock of
Gibraltar. Arguments, pictures, articles,
links, complaints and outrage  bounce
off me like rice off a rhino. Can’t pin your
tales on this donkey.
Would take an adjustment from beyond,
recalibration, monkey wrench, wings of
the  dove, immaculate  conceptions, Gödel’s
theorem & disruption, bolt from the blue,
invasion of the holy spirit, excruciation.
epiphany, nirvana etc etc etc.  Ridiculous to
the savvy; offensive to the  conscientious.
Many call. Few are chosen.

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