Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ridiculous to the Savvy; Offensive to the Conscientious

Spirituality abounds. Spirit galore:
breathing in & breathing out. Aspire.
Inspire. Conspire. Expire.  Religion:
to die for. Suffer in translation. Hurts
like hello--whole-to-part relationship:
ligamented  back.   Consummation
devoutly desired.Re-ligeo,. Ties
that bind.

Scrolling incessantly down Facebook
I see how biased I am, begrudging,
prejudiced, intolerant, hateful, indignant,
petty, envious, scornful, defensive, myopic,
anxious, depressed, grumpy, arthritic,
elderly: a presbyter—presbyterian.

Beyond Good and Evil.
Trust the process, my son’s ex-girlfriend’s
mother told him. I don’t care who won,
who wins, whose guns are controlled,
who’s privileged, who’s not, climate
regulated or ignored, no child left behind
or free range, Trump towers, Bernie burns
…much to be said on both sides. Hulla
balloo. I’m an ivory tower academic: very
interesting. No such thing as a bad  chimp,
says Jane Goodall—scientist. Designated
driver.  Sociopathetic.  Value free.
Value less..

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