Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Be Practical if Not Pious

Turning the Other Cheek is Practical
as Hell—however pious it might 
sound. If someone calls you  oaf,
stupid,  insensitive, mean, infinitive-
splitter  —what are you going to say ?
No I am not! You’re wrong!
Take that back!

Has anyone noticed how much
contra-diction goes on ?
Discrepancies? Peoplesaying one 
thing & doing another? Politicians 
esp. o those bad boys  bad boys
as if they were hypocrites.  I
can’t believe it. I’m not believing 
it. Why can’t we all just get along? 
Do right? My FBook  burns-up 
with pants on fire, inequity and
injustice. I love to catchem in their
wrong-doing. I think it’s because
families don’t eat supper together 
so much, photo-shopping. Body-
shaming.. Smoking vapor, eating
meat.  Reasons why. It’s not my fault.

When I was manic I could read
your mind, walk on water, play 
tennis like a sonofagun, see
personal signals in road signs, 
solve crimes, predict touchdowns,
make total sense & more out of 
any text and context.find myself
in sync with tv programs and
news casts, resurrect dead 
classes .& walk around beaming.

When I was depressed I would 
weep in class, drag my ass, wonder 
why, breathe in a bag, listen to 
car radio songs for clues, faint 
signs and recollections of aims,
goals, & measurable objectives, 
light a candle. Curse the darkness.

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