Saturday, October 3, 2015

Trigger Warning (violence bears it away)

(the violence bears it away)

I "r-word" the children: me, village elder,
presbytering a kind of noetic circumcision
& cerebral clitorectomy continuing institutional-
ized traditions & the industrial constraints of
alma matrix, forcing kidlets to do my bidness
against their natural born willy/nillies & double
forcing them to pretend to LIKE IT, too.

yes, Yes, YES, this IS what I want, Sam,
sock it to me: I wouldn’t be doing it on
my own, not knowing what’s good for me:
take my attendance & attention efficiency
span & make me learn, damnit. Show me
the syllabus.

I would show them the cunning, if not the
uncanny  Liberal Art as opposed to, as
differentiated from & not to be conflated,
collapsed & confused with the liberal arts.

Built-in tacit violence bears us away: full
of  soundless, furtive fury so sub-liminal
it looks  like teen spirit, like dedication &
discipline & no clothes line need demonstrate
the surreptitious secret school-daze rapture
going on all in the family. Mum’s the word:
this can’t be said without demoralization
round here or any where: a cultural relativity:
relaying  Or relations relatively.

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