Monday, November 9, 2015

Grooves of Academe

My students are all intellectual
football players, loving rough and 
tumble learning up the wazoo:
formal thesis-driven papers, clarity, 
consistency,and coherence like 
anything and I my self try and
coach them in tiddley winks—with
affection for confusion, inconsistency
and incoherence. Yin Studies, I guess
 I’d call it,  But they’re used to twanging 
their magic Yang, know what I mean?
Sound of one hand slapping. 

On another note: Yale students have 
banded to protest and call for the
firing of the Master of Silliman College
and his wife.  She wrote an e-mail taking 
issue with a Halloween Costume Advisory
that went out to the university--urging
culture sensitivity--illustrating examples
of  costumes that might offend and them
that were  ok.  Lux et Veritas as opposed
to just plain Veritas.


  1. Why is modern art so bad.

    Are there any standards.

  2. e-mail works better. The links are blued and less steps to respond. I know nothing of art. Juxtaposition was the word I got out my history of art course in college.

  3. It's ok. Cultural streams are getting to the point where they are running into the brick wall. It is becoming so obvious one hardly need comment on it. First they silenced the church lady, then the liberal professor. The blank canvas is all we will be able to have. Maybe that piece of non-art did communicate something cogent.


    "Modern Educayshion". Must watch.