Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pedaogies for the Depressed

My Pedagogical Challenge

Students used to the protocols and
discipline of cerebral rugby, noetic
football, say, come to my courses
conditioned and  naturally expecting
that same environmental rigor and
challenge and I offer intellectual
tiddleywinks, tennis anyone?  Ping
pong? Calvinball maybe.   Alice
in Wonderland Croquet. Emerging

Ice cream in hell I like to call it
with no injustice to hot or cold
except they come biased toward
&  used to hot hot hot. Most like
it hot. Please: turn up the heat,
Sam. Make us sweat.   

Environmental Issues
Frame Discourse:
Talk that talks about cerebral
and affective  environment,
overall collective frame of mind,
implicit & inherent attitude,
transparent in the invisible sense:
that which impacts and influences
and shapes protocol, custom,
social bias and prejudice, back
ground and context as opposed
to figure and text, media and
means as opposed to message and
content and subject-matter:
meat puppetry, so to speak:
the dance we dance given our
house band & its tunes
Frame Discourse

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