Sunday, November 22, 2015


What I know and what I feel:
a monumental gap.  I know I
should feel thankful, thanks
a lot. Gracias. But I don’t.
I take it  for granted. Entitled.

I know knowing about starving
immigrant children should make
me feel like finishing my spinach
and squash. But it doesn’t.

Knowing better doesn’t make
no never mind-set. I know
that much.

I would like to say that four 
hospitalizations for mania and 
depression, getting released
from one job, quitting another,
plus over 50 years in the educating 
business educating youth from 7th 
grade to college age, has mellowed 
and softened me,  given wisdom
and  empathy if not compassion 
but it hasn’t.  Wretch like me.
Just describing here
Not a whine.

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