Monday, November 23, 2015

Holy Terror

Man in the Mirror: Holy Terror
So far I haven’t raped, robbed, killed,
cheated on my wife or income tax,
cultivated addictions other than
Facebook and Coca Cola Zero. I do mock,
scorn, ridicule and try to make monkeys
out of those whose views contradict my
own—hating the sin, loving the sinner—
and aim to corrupt the cerebral morals
of the youth by inviting anarchy and chaos
into my classroom—counterpoint and
antithesis to the rubric rigor of Southern
Accreditation: its monumental excruciating
righteous emphasis on aims, goals,  purposes,
and measurable objectives in the name of
liberal arts educating them majors and
minors, poster and capstone events. 
Critical Thinking. O my my, O my
yes, why don’t you put on your
party dress!

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