Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Amazing! Gracias!

Amazing! Gracias!
Knowing  is superficial, surface
sentences, water darting, skimming;
even how  is temporal: beginnings,
middles, endings. Science, we say.
Consciousness. Lucid scheming. Digital
discontinuities. Discreet.  Just in time.
I know this and that. Boil an egg. Fix a
lawnmower. Discourse on Young
Goodman  Brown. Power point.  Ask.

Dread. Lassitude. Lethargy. Catatonia.
Aimless, Purposeless, Goalless. No
measureable  objectives, design, intent.
Listening.  Obedient. Beggars bowl.
Lamp oiled. Wick trimmed. Meditating.
Contemplating.  Ruminating. “
Speak Lord for thy servant hearest.”

I’m not the boss of me, damnit.
Rationalize my ass off makes no never
mind. Heart has its rationalizations
mind knows not whereoff mindfulness
minding not with standing. What?
What the? What the hell? What the
hell is that deal?

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