Friday, November 27, 2015

Pedagogy for the Depressed

Pedagogy for the Depressed and
 Manic, and for the Bingers and 
Purgers and Body-Dysmorphic
for the Cutters and Hoarders, 
Joggers & Bottle-WaterDrinkers, 
the Obsessive & Compulsive, Anxious
& Panicing —Bulimic & Anorexic, 
Restless Leggings & Insomniac, 
Attention Deficient and Hyperactive, 
Authority-Resistant & Rebellious 
without Causation, Enervated and
Catatonic, Seasonal Affective Disordered, 
Allergic, Socially Awkward & Agoraphobic,    
Disillusioned & Demoralized—all varieties 
and manifestations of the same 3 chord
progression (I, IV, V) generating infinite
numbers of surface sentences seemingly 
different and yet all E Unum Pluribus.

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