Monday, November 30, 2015

Out of the Box

Thinking out of the box is a piece
of cake,cat bird seat, frontiers yet 
unknown, if only and as-if: so 
much more territory outthan in, 
vast: I click my heels.

Aiming to make the world a
 better place,I intend best I can
to scorn, scold, & mock
them who are selfish, fearful,
hate, jealous,envious, objectifying
 others, manipulate,don’t listen 
good, project their own order
and control,  take the largest 
piece of pie,protect and  fortify 
their beliefs, biases,prejudices, 
convictions, deny their narcissism
and  solipsism, racisism and 
xenophobia…I could go on but
I won’t. 
When I talk-up religion or
against it Iset aside frivolity 
and try to  look andsound  holy. 
pious, lofty,righteous— a hard 
man, a good man and thoughtful:
concerned with truth and doing 
justice: pro God or Anti—makes
no nevermind. The  whole truth 
and nothing but thetruth’s bound
to take-in both sides of thecoin. 
Seriously:  wise is how I mean to
sound —playing for both: team 
spirit.  It’sthe  argument that 
counts, not solutions.Yearning’s 
the destination.  Saving the
appearances, not the salvation.

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