Friday, December 4, 2015

Criical Thinking

Dear  Linguists, Fictionists,
Transcendentists & Colleagues
Across the Curriculum

Always for the Sake of Argument
(or what’s  college for?)

Critical Thinking

What? Clamor? Decry? Hullaballo? Pray? 
 Accuse?Blame? Interpret?  Reasons-why?
Cause and Effect?Because and Affect?
Explain so it will never happenagain? 

My so-called logic and rationality,
inventory of fact,statistic, polls, 
studies-show, footnotes. rhetorical
repertoire. body language, powers  
 of argument and persuasion—all
 minions, legions in  the service of
my bias, belief,  prejudice, conviction
—homelandsecurity: salved, saved,
safe, impermeable andimpenetrable. 
A mighty fortress OMG

Plato’s Cave: Got to be nuts to go 
against publicopinion and protocol 
and convention and how-we-do-it 
and what-we’re- used-to and 
requirements and SACS standards, 
requirements, stipulations, the Joneses
and colleagues, neighbors, fashion,
policy,best practices, the  little lady, 
boss, buddies, rubricdeterminations , 
aims, goals, and measurable objectives.

No body  in his right mind with 
common sensewill ignore these civil
 civic constraints, rules,regulations , 
guidelines, shared valuesspiritual 
boundaries and frontierknowns.

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