Friday, December 18, 2015

Compose and Be Composed

Compose and Be Composed

My daughter took a course in New Haven, Ct.
(we say New Haven:  noblesse oblige so  as  to
not fog  the luster  of any one’s  alma matrix
like Jews leave vowels out of any reference
to the divine)  that I lacked the intestinal  fortitude
to take:  Daily  Themes with Richard Sewell where
you  had  to write a  paper  every day —light & truth..

Turned out:  voice was  everything.  Content’s
galore: trivial or profound makes no never
mind.  How you say, not what, counts.  Media
is the message. Not if if’s instructional, of
course—bearing information.  Fix a motorcycle.
Address enrollment. Terrorism.

I got fired from  teaching composition years ago
because I didn’t care if they revised or not. Write
First. Think Later.  Write  Your Ass Off .

Or you could  take  one foul shot at a time—just one.
Come over here: sit on the  bleachers with me.
We’ll workshop. Make it better.

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