Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jesus is the Answer


Jesus is the Answer.  No doubt. 
Or something like that: Mediator, 
Paraklete, Hermes, Mercury,
Demi Urge, Idios Daemon, 
Trickster: represent a standing-
for that sparks if not bridges a
relay between Part and Parts
and Whole  (more than the sum).

Reify. Personify.  Deify. Whole 
and Part, God and  Man, Jane 
Goodall and Chimp, Spirit of
the Whole. One’s personal 
relationship with Jesus et al. 
Immaculate conceptions. Born 
in mangers. We 3 Kings. A
mystery not to berationalized,  
and represented always at risk.
How could it be other wise? 
We miss take the maps for
the territory.   Take off your shoes.

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