Monday, December 14, 2015

Let No Thing You Dismay

Loco Food
(Gardening Without Tuxedos)

Increasingly Warren Wilson Athletes both
male and female are attracted to my

Schools in Europe are called  gymnasium
which literally means “naked training.”

The word “school” comes from Latin:

Ludic: to be in-play--in-Game   As opposed
to illusion,  deluded:  not in-play. Not in-game.
Pray for disllusionment -- to be translated
from not-in-play to in-play: in-game.

Diversity: rigor-to-nonchalancea  ratios.
Joy to the whirl—all the boys and girls. 

My classes suck.
Waste time.  Sitting on the dock of the bay.
Watching the tide wash away. Confuse.
Demoralize—disillusion if lucky. Antithetical
and antagonistic to Rigor, Clarity, Consistency,
Coherence,  Covering-Ground, MovingOnDown
theRoad, GetRdone. Aims. Goals. Rubric
Generated  Measurable Objectives

Dominant academic values and pair of
dimes: I respect and appreciate and salute
them all.  Wouldn’t be the  man-I-am today 
were it not for some what all those values.
Finished  Product Values.  Consumer  values.
Grade Point Average Values. Patter n Values.
Patriarchal  Values. Digital  & Discrete and
Left-Brained  Values.  Practical and
Instrumental Values.  Values anyone would
want one’s heart,  neuro surgeon and airline
pilot to hold dearly.  Rocket Science Values.

Cicadas buzz  over head in the Groves of
Academe. Our ancestors, Socrates called
them   “It’s not easy being green.”

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