Monday, December 7, 2015

Like Me: Really Like Me


Like Me: Really Like Me
I may be old, but I’m immature.
I want to be good without the bad
it takes. Without hurting any body.
their feelings, expectations. No
foolishness.  Errors. Fault. Flaw.
Mess. Muddle.  Doubt. Fear.
Anxiety. Hate. Envy. Narcissism.
Solipsism.  Xenophobia (racism).
Slack goldbricking procrastication.
Failing to listen attentively without
formulating my own defense,
offense: assuming too much,
reducing too much, over simplifying,
over stating.   Lost in my own
metaforce, bias, belief, prejudice,
conviction.  My reputation: at

Mission Impossible

From God  of course. Fear &
Trembling by virtue of the
absurd. Can’t say it in public
without  profanation. How else
be so  insensitive to others,
 socio- pathetic,  ignoring
frontiers known and unknown,
crossing across in bounds &
leaps, fearless transgression
of  convention and protocol,
culture and custom: loving 
the enemy,   suffering in
translation.  To die for. 
(Trespassers Will)

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