Friday, December 11, 2015

Je Suis Le Donald

Je Suis Le Donald

Donald reminds me of me—
hateful , arrogant, entitled, .fearful,
defensive, narcissistic, solipsist,
racist, xenophobic, misanthropic, 
spiteful, righteous, on a mission 
from god, patriarchal,patronizing, 
center of the universe, blacks and
evangelicals like me a lot, philogynist 
(you can’t even begin to believe how 
much I like women, unbelievable), 
sartorial, alter ego, man in the
mirror just like me really like me.  

We salute agreement but it’s
argument that opens up and unfolds 
the nature of relationship and trumps 
issues. Sure, content’s important,
subject matter at hand,  topic: what 
it’s about, what-we’re talking about,
what-we’re going to do, what we 
should be  doing.  what’s right, what’s 
good  etc. aims, goals, measurable
objectives.   But it’s really about me
and all that it sounds like it’s about
is token for talking about me and
relating  relationship: see me, hear me, 
touch me, feed me, like me, really
like me.  IT is never  about what it’s
about except in manners of speaking. 
IT ‘s  alwaysabout relationship.  How 
could it be otherwise?  Do you hear me 
now? You?  Me? Did you think it was 
about Muslims? Immigrants? Terrorists?
Guns? Fiction? Linguistics?

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