Monday, December 21, 2015

My EGO is Extraordinary


”If I could only get my head out of the way,
I could paint,” my artist cousin would say,
some of his landscapes already hanging in
the Metropolitan. Girls in class used to
write their first person pronouns in lower
case i’s with the same motive.  Got to lose
your self to gain your self.   To die for.
“You’ve got a monumental ego,” I would
accuse my good old man. “Yes, and mine’s

My ego is extraordinary: light of my life—
headlamp in the cave cursing the darkness. 
I see what I see: aims, goals, purpose,
measurable objectives. “I never met a man
who was quite awake.” said Thoreau. How
could I have looked him in the I’s?

Procrastination and Obedience have
the same surface appearance: staying
still in place—no velocity, no covering
ground, no moving on down the road,
no getting something done. waiting for
Gödel who may never show up and so
wasting time obediently, patiently,
a patient: hark: listening

 Mission from God (many are called:
few choose it): to mock, ridicule, 
scorn,  scold the pious and righteous
and religious as well as the impious, 
unrighteous and irreligious but if time’s 
a factor and I can’t cover both
sides, I  guess the pious and righteous 
and religious deserve  primary attention
efficiency as they  seem  to ruin it for
everyone. IT, I said. Do I got to be
spelling IT out? Should be obvious.

I hate the religious and irreligious 
equally. I love them both, of course—
doing the best they can to make sense 
and be good and right and righteous. 
Language makes it difficult to do 
justice to the  assets and liabilities 
of both these team spirits.  Love and
hate on both sides of the coin and 
why can’t they Just Get Along? 

I see we are headed toward contra-
diction and paradox says Neils Bohr. 
We must be  making progress..
Double edged words.

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