Monday, January 18, 2016

Goodness Galore

In my end is my beginning.
Walking backwards toward
frontiers yet unknown.
You say hello: I say goodbye.

Breaking Bad
Goodness abounds. Goodness
galore. Goodness versus
Goodness. Goodness challenges
Goodness: taunts, calls Goodness
out.  Goodness makes the
world go round.  Goodness
accuses Goodness & Goodness
accuses Goodness.  Spanks.

I am both gnostic and agnostic,
theist and atheist. Presbyterian
& Confucian, Republican and
Democratic (conservative and
liberal) etc.

This enables me to mock, ridicule,
scold, scorn, make monkeys of  
the ying or yang: one’s who insist
on being  one or the other, one
side of the coin, one hand clapping,
clinging to one side of the aisle
and casting asparagus at the
other. Pastures of Political
Plenty. Shooting fish in a barrel.
Field day for any critical thinker:
bi-pundamental beyond goodies
and weasels, sober at the
cocktail party: saint, sociopath.

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