Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I’m a man of blind faith, ignorant faith,
ignoring my ignorance and calling it
faith. Foolish faith: k sera sera.  I might
say I was raised this way but its con-
stitutional. Comes with being  goldbrick,
following paths of least resistance, 
immediate gratification, hedonism.
Unable to do stuff that doesn’t make
my sense. Lacking intestinal fortitude.
Sociopathetic.  I mean to make virtue
of it (“let go and let God”) . Alchemy.
I lead a simple life. Lacking ambition.

A house divided might could stand it.
Science is just all right with me and 
religion if not religious people. 
decent  creationist & a good 
evolutionist makes no never mind.
Call me  empirical,  call me idealistical: 
a logical  positivist, a mystifying mystical—
loving  an analogy as well as a syllogism: -
the irrational  tickles me as much as a
rationalization.  Berni and Donald: my
yin and yang—the sound of two hands

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