Monday, February 1, 2016

Dread Naught

Dread Naught

Goodness abounds. Goodness galore.
Goodness versus Goodness. Goodness
challenges Goodness: taunts, teases,
calls Goodness out. Goodness makes
the world go round. Goodness accuses
Goodness & Goodness also accuses
Goodness right back at you. O My

There isn’t any one on my Facebook
page that isn’t Goodness personified:
doing Good to make the world a better
place if not save it from darkness. Team
Good against the Bad Guys Across the
Aisle Across the Seas. Making America
great. Don’t know anyone playing for
Team Bad. yet they are ubiquitous all
around redundant. Plethora.

I feel better. Nausea abating.

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