Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mor Popular than Jesus

Sex trumps everything else:
sunsets, chocolate,softly falling 
snow under muzzy streetlights,
Shakespeare, window seats &
cozy blankets with tea & poetry
or philosophy, skiing, sailing,
political  triumph, rare roast 
beef, truffles,  kale,gluten freedom,
congress, comedy  central , NFL
& NASCAR, religion, sociology,
Ph Dissertationon Hawthorne’s
houses  & hidden  treasures, my
exquisitely critical thinking skill-
sets--- all surrogate tokens   
representing ,  substituting  
standing  for the real thing  like
kissing in the rain, symbolic &
anticipatory : how could it be
other wise? Makes sense   and 
t’s  the  denial and cover  up that
generates my bozone layered 
elephants in theroom, emperor’s
new clothes  Sex uber alles:
more popular than Jesus—
truth be told..   

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