Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Macular Conceptions

God of Facebook: My Reader reading 
my will be done: stories, comments 
oracular observations, complaints,
whimsy and wit—worship, hearing 
my witness, testimony. reading my
mind on earth as it is in heaven.
Prayer  for all to see.  Crows flying south.

Rocky Balboa and Donald Trump are
Siamese twins—stalwart body sluggers
& meat slammers, modest underdogs
with a chance at the title. “Don’t ever
give up; don’t ever give up .” I heard
Donald declare years ago describing
factors in  his success.

I’ve seen him crack 5 raw eggs in 
a tumbler and drink it  down before
 running the streets of New  York City
—breaking  thumbs to ensurepay-back . 
“Yo, Melania: know what I mean?”

Articulate—flaying the beast with a
maximum of blood and gristle.  Pugilist.

Storks Bring Them

Satisfying as working out “Cripple Creek”
on a 5-string banjo finally for the first
time plinkkety plunk in the bathroom, 
no body to hear it but towels and tiles;
immediate  gratification. Hedonism. 
Posting some smart-ass  mean-spirited
observation  on Face Book  and it 
disappears in 10 seconds, likes or no likes  
 make no never mind-set: yearning’s the
destination. Making out.  

People are more important than ideas,
my old man advised me and he’s right 
but I prefer  ideas—wings on doves, 

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