Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ah, the Humanism: Secular & Sacred

Fear & Hatred in a handful of dust:
Ah, the humanism: secular & sacred.

GENIUS. Prerequisite & Fundamental
to my Liberal Art Critical  Thinking
Capacity is my   PhD in confusion,
contradiction, inconsistency, incoherence,
muddle,   assumptions, generalizing
reduction, ripping-off & sampling,
moving violations, Procrustean
discriminating and criminalizing
the whole.

Damaged and damaging if I do or
don’t do; closet-minded intolerance
in support of my bias & belief, prejudice
& conviction protecting my Frame-of-
Mind Homeland Security: logic, sermons,
facts, stats, polls not with standing.

I am large. I contain pulchritude.

Me—raw. Fig leaf dropped.
Center of the Universe.
Bible verses, platitudes &
bromides not with standing.
No Muslims need apply.
Mexicans etc  See me. Hear
me. Touch me. Feed me.
Like me. Really like me.
Eic Bin Ein Donald.
Free at last.

Goats in Sheeps Clothing galore.
Makes good sustainable systemic
anti-panic pandemic panoramic

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