Tuesday, January 12, 2016

God Loves a Cheerful Troller

Crying Peace Peace Where
There is No Peace

God loves a good troll, trolling, doubter
doubting,   mocker, mocking, scorner
scorning, asparagus casting ridicule
ridiculous & ludicrous hating a dogmatist
dogmatic matthew mcconaughey  cock
sure miley  cyrus certitude no flies on me
proclaimer no doubt a bushel and a peck
who do they think they are? Need we argue?
Of course we must beg to differ marching
as to war.

OK: you are smarter than me, more
experiencedand educated, got the 
facts down and the arguments, sermons
and statistics to prove it bless your
heart, but I’m not inclined to change
my mind-set, attitude, world-view,  
bias  and belief and  prejudice in  fact
I will defend defensively in order to 
protect, maintain and sustain my 
cerebral and affective homeland 
security system. Resilience! Don’t be 
surprised or astonished or fretful. This
makes good systemic sense.

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