Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gut has Reasons the Mind Knows Not Whereof

Gut has reasons and reactions
Mind knows not whereof. “ Love
the Haters, Hate the Lovers: that’s
how I feel,” says Gut—“Bastards!”.

“O no”: Mind intercedes rationally,
“Love the lovers lovingly urging
loving & send  Haters to the cellar
where they might find contrition
and forgivensss and redemption.

Donald my Donald my cerebral-
affective if not apparent dopple-
ganging hate & bluster-confident
bombastically consistently redundant
desire, jiggle-dancing, stalwart
gesticulator testicular-driven hand
jive pristine pinky power pointing
pouting peach lipped cupid bow
enunciating fears and tears of all
the years.  Orange smile: I feel how
you feel. 

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