Thursday, January 14, 2016

Go and Do Like Wise

David Bowie and Jesus say “Go
and Do Likewise. Not the Same,
for Heaven’s Sakes: Like Wise.”

Significance. Face book gives my
life purpose  and meaning—being
part of the chorus of ah, the humanity.
Others get it fat wheeling  in Utah
snow, replacing mufflers in Fargo,
taking  a loan from Goldman Sachs,
hiking the Appalachian trail for
cancer, memorizing & quoting
Bible verses, rescuing  cats & dogs,
adjusting a gold crown. See me.
Hear me. S’all good.

Old School. I took notes in class
with a fountain pen before Bic and
typed  themes on a Royal. Playboy
featured Marilyn Monroe half-nude.
Every body with a mobile device is
now  the smartest kid in class  and
Hugh Hefner if you wanna-be. Take
this  down. It’ll be on the exam. How’d
you do?  What’d you get?

Authors authorizing authority
authoritatively.  I said he said
she said. Look Ma: no hands.
This guy is falling, this guy is falling
Bastards  galore. Why? Why?
Why? Why?

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