Friday, January 15, 2016

Sound of 2 Hands Clapping

The Sound of 2 Hands

Cognitively I’m atheist, rationalist,
empiricist, logically positive.
Affectively: devout, true believer:
OMG--pray like a sonofagun.
On the other hand:
Cognitively: religious as hell,
Pascalwagering--I believe: help 
thou my unbelief.Affectively: 
whatta buncha crap: doubtlike 
a sonofagun, rip-off &
ridiculousClap & Clap
Sociopathological or  Sanctified:
 which?No hope& No despair. 
Beyond  Good & Evil.
“I could care less,” my drill 
sergeant advisedus meaning he 
was careless, meaning hedidn’t 
give a damn one way or the other.
A saint, no doubt.

Jesus Chimp mediated or tried to,
 betweenChimp Nation with its
Good and Evil,Right and Wrong 
and Jane for whomthere was no 
such a thing as a bad chimpor a 
good one--all interesting, no 
boringchimps  far as Jane was
 concerned, Jane-the-Scientist. 

Jesus Chimp was both Jane & Chimp
whichenabled him theoretically to 
mediate otherwiseincommensurate 
frames of mind without contaminating 
either or reducing one to theterms of 
the other. Empathetic—necessary
but insufficient. Something lacking.
A missing link..

Gut is analogue process and can’t
say a word.Can Feel but no can Tell. 
Telling comes frommonumental   
intellect reducing gut to  itscognitive 
terms (emotions) interpreting.explaining, 
giving reasons why:  scapegoating
really, none of which does Gut justice
 and makesit almost impossible to get 
in touch with my feelings—a notion
 popular in the 80’s when girls wor
e significant shoulder pads and a lot
of hair.

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