Saturday, January 16, 2016

OMG I'm an Atheist

“Satisfaction from creating chaos
and pushing other people’s buttons.”
Dirty work: afflicting the afflicted
(the comfortable are comfortable)
School and Be Schooled--bullying
for Jesus. Marching as to war.

They are all smarter than me, all they
know about current affairs, & I admire
their courage, determination, stick-to-
it-ive-ness. Like me. they desire to make
the world  a better place, make a
contribution. Help others.

Socrates says “no man does wrong
knowingly,”” and most of my students
say he’s wrong, contradict and disagree:
“No, Sam, Socrates is wrong.”
Not me

I'm an atheist, OMG,
& I pray to Jesus:
what a friend!

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