Monday, February 8, 2016

Love & Law

“For those not in love, 
there’s law: to rule, to
regulate, to rectify.” 
                         (Wm Gass)

I pretend you are all in love with
literature,having your way with it,
messing with metaphors, snuffling 
up hidden assumptions, teasing
and tweaking definitions, arguing 
over signs and symbols , meanings
and understandings,wrestling with 
god, cerebral and affective fight club, 
cherishing play of minding and
critical thinking. Getting smart and
smarter and a good time had by all.

It’s what motivates you to get up for 
dillar-a-dollar 8:00 scholarship. Your 
love is why law, rule,regulation, 
rectification are such diminished
motivational notions-- Imagine: doing
it outof force—or else! What kind of
motive would that be?I’d have to be
chastening and scolding and correcting,
grading like anything. Would take the 
glow off --postpone the joy.

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