Tuesday, February 9, 2016

School and Be Schooled

School and Be Schooled

Mommy , I learned a new word today in school.
Mommy, I leaned a new sentence today in school
Mommy, I learned a new fact today in school.
Mommy, I learned a new idea today in school.

“In Die Philosophie des Als Ob, Vaihinger
argued that human beings can never really
know the underlying reality of the world,
and that as a result we constructsystems 
of thought and then assume that these
match reality: we behave "as if" the world 
matches our models.

In particular, he used examples from the 
physical sciences, such as protons, electrons, 
and electromagnetic waves. None of these
phenomena has been observed directly,
but science pretends that they exist, and 
uses observation s made on these
assumptions to create new and better
constructs.[2]”  Wiki

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