Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Patriachal Pedagogy

Patriarchal Pedagogy

I can tell my students what they have to do
and they have to do it,  what I say: read this
and that and when and write papers double
spaced, 5 pages or more, with a strong thesis
and insist they think critically: while in my

ask pertinent questions assesses
statements and arguments able
to admit a lack of understanding
or information show a sense of
curiosity interested in finding new
solutions able to clearly define a
set of criteria for analyzing ideas
willing  to examine beliefs,
assumptions, and opinions and
weigh them against facts  listening
carefully to others and able  to give
feedback seeing that critical thinking
is a life long process of self-assessment
& so suspending judgment until all facts
have been gathered and considered
looking for evidence to  support
assumption and beliefs & able to
adjust opinions when new facts are
found:  looks for proof  examines
problems closely is able to reject
information that is incorrect
or irrelevant  (from Ferrett, S.
“Peak Performance “)

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