Sunday, May 1, 2016

Starving Liberal Artistry

Accumulating an inventory of nouns
and sentences about Shakespeare,
Faulkner, Edward Abbey, Mazlow,
Schroedinger, Buber, Descartes
and stuff like that.

Mountain of knowing. Following
my gnosis. Bring it out and display,
coat of many colors.

Game, on the other hand. Verbal
fry in-play. Performance. .Converse
action. Argo Argument. Relationship.
OMG: horses of another color.
No comparison. Incommensurate

Hysteria: of the womb—hustera.
Swimming in the whelm, matrix:
soaking  wet  with theories of
damp and dry. Amniotic. Not yet
born let alone again. Hysterical.
Bless my heart.

I need religion, no doubt. Opiate.
GPS. Mainframe. Idios Daemon.
Trickster, Hermes, Paraclete. Jesus.
Excellent. Exquisite.

Guide me oh thou Great Jehovah:
I am weak but thou art strong. 
Wretch  like me: part & partial:
in sum less than whole and holy

Yet my willy-nilly  be done I have
to say folks to be honest just so you
know: it’s the denial and cover up
that raises my  bozone layer..

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