Thursday, May 12, 2016

Media is the MESSAGE, not content, subject-matter, topic

Got to love the end-of- semester
hall way litter: Mind-On-a-Page
left stacked outside offices: responses
pinned to doors, taped to thresholds;
grand titles graded for consistency,
coherence, accuracy, grammar,
spelling, & correct documentation.
“good thinking”
“you might consider…
“what about….
my marginal
& food back.
The slow motion dialectic of academic
converse encouraging our practice of
critical thinking determined by our
assess-mental necessity of assigning
a grade: 94 perhaps 82 ,73
maintaining standards plus my
integrity for rigor at risk of

It is finished! (Perfect.)
Compose & Be Composed
Grade & Be Graded
School & Be Schooled

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