Friday, May 20, 2016


At least 50 % of the posts on Facebook
are too subtle for me, too nuanced:
I don’t know what they are talking about.
In class, too. I can hear voices across
the room but not always the content.
Happens at home watching tv—buzz buzz,
talking going on, that’ s for sure.  What?

I listen intently: obey obey, oyez oyez.
Nod my head. Sometimes smile. You’d
think this would be a disadvantage all
around but whatever it is people are
saying, it amounts to see me hear me
touch me feed me like me really like me.
People go blind and compensate with
other senses. My good old man claimed
he’d rather lose sight than hearing, if
forced.  Ended up losing both. .

I rolled up a manila folder as an
ear trumpet, stuck it in my father’s
ear and argued  over which was
better: spirituals or gospel. His vote
spirituals—likeem better than  gospel.
He would sing loudly out of key,
following the choir processing to the

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