Saturday, May 21, 2016

Attrition. Retentioni

Bound for Glory
My brother tossed a moon out
the back of the school bus and 
got suspended from Lenox shortly
before graduation, first in his class.
Yale told him to take a gap year. 
He hitchhiked to San Francisco 
worked in Cannery Row, studied
sitar with  Ali Akbar Kahn, returned 
to New Haven to play in a bluegrass
band, edit the Yale lit and walk away
spring of his junior year moved by  a
Joseph Spence concert and never 
returned  no he never returned.  

Hooked up with a dancer and  her
world-wide dance troupe,  moved to 
Santa Cruz to make his own music; 
with a high school degree and experiential
credentials he taught composing for
dance and also philosophy, tenured 
half-time at I’m guessing  35 years at 
the University of Utah dance program 
in SLC  and let kittens freely play over 
his piano  key board.  

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