Thursday, May 26, 2016

No Such A Thing as a Bad Chimp

Unlearning is not into learning outcomes;
 it’s into learning incomes.  It’s into the
incoming of the unforeseen, the truly
monstrous, the ad-vent of all those wholly
others turning up at our doorsteps un-
expectedly and demanding our hospitality.
Unlearning is into the risk of intrusion and
insemination, the insolent overcoming of the
known knowns  in favour  of the incoming of
the unknown knowns. The Pedagogics of
Unlearning.  Éamonn Dunne, Aidan Seery

Jane Goodall & the Chimps
It’s always Good versus Good, not ever 
Good versus Evil as most  presume. Insist.

“No myn does wrong knowingly.” Always
good. Is anyone more or less righteous
than Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary
Clinton? Impossible

On the right side of history; just ask them.
How could it be otherwise? Wait’ll they get
a load of this. Goodies abound. Goodies  galore.

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