Sunday, May 29, 2016

Religion is the Answer

Billy Goat Gruff, Mary Poppins, &
Captain America walk into a bar—
that I can tell you. It was a disaster,
folks. A disaster. I’m waiting for an
immaculate conception coming in
on the wings of a dove. Gödel’s
Theorem possibly. Salvation.. 

What would I do without my Good
& Evil? Reason’s why? Explanations? 
Blamations? Cause & Effects? Because 
& Affects? Interpretations? 
Rationalizations?  Good guys and 
Bad guys? Scapegoats: donkeys to spin 
the tales on?

Religion is the answer. Can’t be said
except in vain, profane. Plastic flamingos
on the grass, alas.  If you ask the cost,
you can’t afford it. It, I said.  Do I always
got to be spelling it out for you?  See?
What I’m saying.


  1. I can rationalize until the bones on my fingers, which i have never had much confidence that there was a good reason for me owning them anyway, exist. Rationalizing is such an easy thing to do, it takes us to many places that we don't want to go -but i think more importantly, places that we don't want to enter alone. Unfortunately there was only one time in your life when Sam Scoville also had his hand on that door you were entering. Every other time, you have opened those doors yourself, after Sam made you aware of the fact that this house has many rooms. More than you can count by yourself.

    1. "In my house there are many mansions, I go now to prepare a place for you."