Monday, November 15, 2010


Local Food

Hungry. Begging for it. Look at you:
all skin & bones! 
Starving to death 
& don’t even
know it

Prerequisite for Liberal Art Reading
great books as if they were food for

Imagine: reading not as scholar but as starving artist!
Imagine the environment. Starvation! Cerebral and
Affective Ethiopians suffering ongoing drought, say,
bellies distended: flies batting around large eyes.

“The proper work of the human intellect is to affirm.
And if its other work of criticizing, questioning, and
negativity is not in the service of affirmation, it is
a waste of time.”

A man named William O’Grady wrote that a few years ago.
Tutor at St. Johns College in Annapolis. Died early. The
college published classroom writings: lectures and
commentary about books he and his students
and colleagues were reading together.
Eco logic.

Lunch: at Tetanya’s took several hours,
 --course after  course:. food we thought
scarce in the Soviet Union: strawberries,
razz berries, plums, peaches, thick break,
butter, trout, cold cuts, salami, beef, tongue,
one dish after another, caviar (red, some
times black) on cream cheese, cottage
cheeses, home- made slabs of what looked
& sometimes tasted like Muenster, some
times like Swiss; Vodka, cognac, wine, and
Pepsi. In the middle of the day and the heat,
the alcohol and food tested our guest- ability.
We were jovial, silly, sometimes sick, loquacious,
appreciative, overwhelmed by hospitality.
We were Marco Polos.

(Black Mt/Krasnaya Sisters Cities Trip,
Ben Holden sponsored. 1990).

             “We’re all crazy egos hungry for love.”
                         Sherwood Anderson.
Whether I am talking about  chocolate strawberries or care
for  the elderly,  e = mc squared or steep slope construction,
lead-poisoning or how-‘bout-them-heels, teaching  tip of the
week or mitochondria,  sexual awkwardness or jogging &
health-care, wellness, governance, Glenn Beck or Rachel
Maddow,  cures for cancer or Bush’s memoir, magical
realism or compassion for animals,   it’s always
see me,
hear me
touch me
feed me
what I’m actually saying, know what I’m saying?  Local
food exchange, resources, needs,  distribution. On hand
or in-sourced  from out-sourced & abroad: got to have it.
IT  I said:  see me hear me touch me feed me
It’s all about food & food back but can’t be said and
it’s the denial  and cover-up that generates my psychic
toxic waste and thickens my bozone layer.
"Local food (also regional food or food patriotism)
or the local food movement is a "collaborative effort
to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies
one in which sustainable food production, processing,
distribution, and  consumption is integrated to enhance
the economic, environmental and social health of a
particular place"[ and is considered to be a part of the
broader sustainability movement. It is part of the concept
of local purchasing and local economies, a preference to
buy locally produced goods and services. Those who
prefer to eat locally grown/produced food sometimes
call themselves locavores or localvores "

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