Thursday, June 13, 2013

Faculty L as Facebook

Dear Colleagues,

Imagine: FacultyL as our Local Food Facebook. We would
probably eschew pictures of children, cats & dogs,  supper
dishes, sunsets, neckties and strange devices,  famous quotes
accentuating the positive,  political dismay and dis- illusion,
advice, request for we are all together now as
never before--e pluribus unum.  Heart of the heart of the
country.      But an noetic, cerebral equivalent?  Mind
minding mindfully--e unum pluribus

I myself and perhaps singularly am biased & prejudiced,
filled with belief and conviction
regarding, race, class, gender,
body weight, religious &
political frame of mind-set—family
jewels: my directional
navigational algorithms sealed-in and
protected by my
homeland security distant early warning
bells and whistles.
  I am not indifferent and all my experience,
facts, stats,
data, media, logic and sermons confirm my bias/
prejudice/convictions—reinforce and validate because
what they are good for: framing my outlook and attitude
to organize hap in accord with my mind-set. I have a
Monumental Ego: stalwart pioneer.

Loving the Enemy          

Otherwise known as Dialectic: talk-that-talks-across-itself
& bring it on, the opposition! How else work toward always
emerging syntheses: news from noise?    

Faculty L and Staff L: full frontal viewing—what anyone
has to say,  virtual Hyde Park at my finger tips 24/7/365:
no behind-closet-doors necessary; solid ground: any one
can stand and lever.  

“School Mode” has never been so open for trade & exchange,
discourse and argument: love it &  hate it, IT don’t make no
never mind & is always up for grabs.
Unless of course someone, anyone, takes a fence. Then it risks
a humpty-dumpty fall into Church or State mode, some polite,
policed,political correction going on and on and on.  

                    Still, even so:

IF we keep IT in play,    sustaining its school daze  leisure-time
luxury & privilege, THEN  IT nourishes,  true? Naturally.

Local ongoing food  source. Alive, alive-oh! Free ranging
chicken & eggs,  so to speak & anyone can say which comes first.  

Otherwise: industrial waste. Institutionalized regulation &
processed meat: aims, goals,  designated measurable
outcomes the language of deli-delight. Handy, yes.
Instrumental. Useful for sure. Don’t wiggle while
I do my bidness. Perfect clarity. Smoke-free.

     xxxooo, Sam

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