Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reclaiming Religion

Mission Impossible
Not spiritual worth a damn but religious as hell and I would
reclaim religion from  the maddening crowd: 
xtian jew hindu
muslim buddhist you name it if I
could get away with it and
it’s a mission impossible
&  monumental presumption  no doubt  
A bright blue motorcycle rumbles below heading north toward
Kittredge. Colleagues down the hall advise
  summer students
of this's & that’s—the business of
  writing,  study of Shakespeare.
Fully accomplished leafed-out  trees
across the parking lot
thrash,  not easy being green.

Religeo: to be bound back.  Back to the source, I assume: back
to where we started from , so to speak,
back to origins.  Blest
be the ties that bind. 
My yoga is easy says Jesus.
Religious people on Facebook pray and bless and expostulate
and implore and express gratitude.  Golfers pull bags of clubs
or ride carts over the  municipal course—singularly or in
 groups whatever the weather makes no nevermind.  We mark
  progress. as we drive River Road to Aldi’s .

Abusing My Religions
 Kierkegaard’s Knight of Faith
Mud thicker than blood & water. hubris-humility & humble pie
affirming the triumph of human spirit: it’s depravity not  so much.
Triumph & Depravity ratios: cruise control parameters just
getting along guiding muscle  like it or not. on target: my
measurable goals  & objectives.
Thinking out of the pox of  cultural connotation & custom
convenience, political correctness & closet convention.
Other wise, honest: Abe never could have put a knife
to his boy's s neck:. Abba, our “father of faith.”
(Isaac, laughing all the way. abra-cadabra & abba
dabba do:  B.B.  Wolf’s knocking at doors coming after you.)
This is humanity division stuff: 
not to be conflated  with sciences
(snicker) or the arts.(snort).

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