Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Docility of the Doctorate

Whistle Blower

( An Old Guy & can waste time sitting on 
a stack of the hay or rushing in where angels
fear the thread. Dropping filters. Standing on
Mt Pisgah over looking a promised land east
0f evening as it were & so to speak)

Doctor, Doctor:  Give me the News

Doctor Jill Biden, our Second Lady insists on being
called DOCTOR, and if you Google her it’s Doctor!
Doctor! all over the place like a first name..

ELLEN introduced her as DOCTOR along side of
Michelle just  plain Michelle &  Jill’s DOCTOR  not
Just Jill, having secured  her  Doctorate in  Education
and determined to  wear the title.

Hers is a  DOCTORATE  and not a PhD which
carries the onus of philosophy tucked into the title &
we here  are a faculty of philosophers of physics &  
math, chemistry & biology, etc  philosophers up
the wazoo.

Plethora: but no one would call us philosophers
philosophizing philosophically muzzy musing
chewing cud and ruminating.

We are practical minded & pragmatic.GetRdone
&  covering ground; we might could  characterize
ourselves as cogent analyzers,  critical thinkers
relishing conceptual tasks required by our
assignments & course materials: originating  
ideas often insightful with well-chosen examples;
reasoning persuasively to develop & support our
theses;  using quotations &  citations effectively; 
& linking causal connections between ideas:
evident & appropriate--clear, smooth transitioned
arrangements of purposeful argument progressing
toward unexpected  but anticipated conclusions,
(frontiers known) with sophisticated  & varied
sentences effectively choosing words aptly;
observing conventions of  standard English &
making few  technical errors in formatting &
punctuation: this would be us doing  “A” work. 

Doctors, Docents, & Docility:  these 3 and the
greatest of these is docility: capable of being
taught & willing to receive training & teachable

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