Tuesday, November 5, 2013



DR, P&T, C & BWO, SB,

All You Need To Know About Oppositional
Defiant Disorder, also RLS (restless legs
syndrome) and of  course ADD and ADHD:
what we  would have called Tom Sawyer
Disease and Huck Finn Disorder prior to
the emergence  of  Second-Hand Smoke,
Jogging Compulsion, Body Dysmorphia,
Date Rape, Piercing, Tattoos,  Cutting and
Bottle Water  Obsession, Seat Belts, Bicycle
and Roller Skating helmets and  Stuff Like

All You Need To Know About

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

How many of you have seen  students
standing up on the desk waiting for you
when you came into  the classroom—back
from the boys room,  assuming you ever
have to go?

Some of you have a policy banning
bathroom runs and therefore don’t
have  an environmental atmosphere
which would  allow a hall pass for either
side of the desk let alone anyone
standing on the  desks, a  gesture of
educational solidarity before, after,  
or in the middle of a class:  exercising
commitment to  Liberal Art, say,  and
the possibility of getting  beyond  cave,
culture, custom, convention, closet—
while still being  IN IT of course

Stand up Stand up for Jesus
so to speak or as it were
in manners of speaking.
Fools and Fooling for crying
out loud:  Rush Inn.

(While Angels fear.)

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