Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pedagogies for the Obsessed

Pedagogies for the Obsessed.

“For those not in love, there’s law
to rule, to regulate, to rectify”
                                       (Wm. Gass)

NO!  Man IS an island! Start with that
as fundamental.  Let Mr. Donne’s
sentiment be seen as achievement, not
the given.  Everything will fall into place.
Make good  sense.  The bell tolls.
        The USE of Force (vios)

Those who cry Peace!  Peace!  when
there is no Peace compound the overall
problem with their denial, cover-up,
hallelujah &  amen,  amen.

What would I do with out my force-the-issue  

“Do it, or else.” I tell my  students.
                And they have to. to please  me.

   Pedagogy for the Oppressed.

A presumption, sure—assuming you feel
oppressed. You may not. More’s the pity.
Pedagogies for  the Depressed, maybe.

Oppressed, Depressed,
Repressed, Impressed

The Four Seasons—no negative stigma
need  apply.

  “We spend a lot of time hearing what
   Sam’s trying  to do and not very much
                 time doing it.”   

Yes.  Conundrum—rump-a-pom—pom  
I could force the issue but then I’d be
forcing the issue   “Do what I say” (here’s
why: it’ll be good for you in the long run)
or else.

Every woman adores a Fascist, The boot
   in the face, the brute Brute heart of
            a brute like you.

I rip-off Sylvia Plath. I overstate my case
   I am large: I contain pulchritude  

Anarchy and Chaos—
factored in,  structured in,
part of the plan but still:
anarchy & chaos no doubt:
space for emergent phenomena,
rolling away the rock of authority.

(Apocalypse revealing concealing:
annihilating arches, structure, purpose,
plan, aim, goal, measureable objectives)
and look: revelation.—mothers of invention. .

Possibility? Potential? Potency?  Power?
Who’s to say?

Fiction fashions fact and faction
Authors authorizing authority authoritatively
Origins originating originality originally.

Renewable resource  Can ‘t force it, damnit.
No caesarean short-cut.  Full term labor.
Silence is Golden & Noise is the Mother of New.
Gospel truth but who can handle the truth?
Slips and slides & what a mess it is: oops oh

damn hurts like  hello  I’m not kidding. 

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