Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What is Called Thinking (continued)

What Is Called Thinking (continued)

The heart of thinking is drawing distinctions:.
defining, labeling, classifying, categorizing,
taxonomizing—all distinction drawing: drawing
distinctions including this and that, excluding
the rest: massive & monumental ignore-ance
any time a definition is proffered ,professed.

My thinking generates my good and evil,
my right and wrong, my correct and incorrect,
my attention efficiency manufactures massive
attention deficiency.. I am a distinction-
drawing machine & it don’t matter the token
content, subject- object matter or how much
or how little it corresponds to public opinion
or refereed disciplinary & traditional convention:
my thinking divides & conquers, usually electing
one side of the distinction and rejecting
the other but not always but more than not.

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